Thursday Tea

I’m thankful for a HOTY gesture today.  (HOTY means husband of the year).

Yesterday was a challenging day, so I slept in this morning.  I woke up to my husband saying “here’s your tea honey”!  He knows I love something hot in the morning. Usually coffee, but we’re trying to limit coffee these days.  But wasn’t his gesture lovely, kind and thoughtful?  He has a full day ahead of him, and I’m sure there were many things he could have done, but he lovingly made my tea, just the way I like it and brought it around to my side of the bed to gently wake me up.  When I’m not feeling well, there’s really only one thing I ever crave.  TEA.  Even if its the middle of the summer, I love a cup of nice hot sweet tea with some cream.

These days we use coconut milk instead of cream, but it’s just as yummy.  After the cream is added we pour the mixture into a personal blender and it makes a luscious foam on the top.  You really feel like you’re having a treat.  And you are!

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