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Raquel Welch UPSTAGE 100% Hand Tied Lace Front RL119

UPDATED: Thursday, May 19, 2022, @ 11:45 am pm EST – This is a wonderful opportunity to add a 100% Hand-Tied Lace front wig to your collection. “Raquel Welch's “UPSTAGE” boasts the sought-after craftsmanship of a 100% Hand-Tied Lace.  It is in the color RL119.  Watch The Video insert for more information on this fabulous wig.  The Raquel Welch Upstage Petite wig is a 100% Hand Tied Lace Front mid-length hairpiece that reaches the pinnacle of style and elegance. It creates a natural-looking hairline so nobody will know that you’re wearing a wig. It is part of the Sheer Indulgence collection. This wig will feature a lace-front, giving you a realistic hairline appearance, and a monofilament top to allow you to change the parting in any direction.


Raquel Welch's 100% Hand-Tied Lace Front Upstage is made with authentic Tru2Life synthetic hair, it can be treated with styling tools such as curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers, but never go above a low/ medium setting. You can even wet-set this wig or use steam rollers to create a look that’s all your own.

With a pageboy cut and slight layers, the Raquel Welch Upstage Petite 100% Hand Tied Lace Front wig weighs only 3.2 ounces. It’s designed specifically for oval, round and square-shaped faces, as well as diamond, pear, and heart-shaped bone structures. The Upstage Petite lace front synthetic wig’s petite-sized cap means it fits head sizes on the smaller side, and it stays in place no matter what you’re doing. This wig is also available in large and average cap size. It’s easy to look your best in this gorgeous hairpiece.

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HURRY…I have NO idea how long this will last, but I do know that silver, grey and white wigs are very hard to find.

Raquel Welch UPSTAGE 100% Hand Tied Lace Front RL119



Amal by Rene of Paris also featured on Post Raquel Welch UPSTAGE 100% Hand Tied Lace Front RL119


Color Silver-Stone

A while back I posted a review of AMAL.  I loved this wig, but not the color.  Here is that review:

NEW TO WIGS? Thinning Hair?

I was so new to the problem of thinning hair AND wigs I had not settled on my preferred color, but fast forward to today and I just love “silver-stone”. So I will probably order this wig.  Watch for a review on that.

I don't know about you, but I find that the really lovely-looking wigs with very well-done hairlines, especially the ones with a 100% Hand Tied Lace Front are very difficult to find in the silver/grey/white hair color palette.  It is also very challenging to know exactly what color you are buying just from a tiny “swatch” of color on a website.

Three years ago when I was so new to wigs, I honestly had no idea about color.  The wig would look wonderful on the “still” picture of the model, but then when I received the wig, opened up the box, and excitedly peeked inside I would more often than not be disappointed.

Wigs either had (for my taste) too much black, too much steely gray, or steel gray, waaay too much white or not enough white in combination with the other colors.  I would love the style and/or the simplicity of what is called “out of the box”* wigs but the color was just all wrong for me.

*OUT OF THE BOX – What that means is exactly what it sounds like.   An out-of-the-box wig simply means that you don't have to fuss with it.  You remove all the packaging, find the label, find the ear tabs and place the wig on your head.  You can always google” how to put on a wig” but I'll give you a short primer below.  Basically, you bend at the waist and “drop” your head into the wig cap, as if the wig cap were a bowl.  Viola!  It's on. 

Okay, back to our moment of truth … The unboxing!   You momentarily lay the box aside and you prepare your head for the application (or what some call “the install”) of the wig.  My hair is quite long, so I usually comb all my hair back away from my face.  I then use hair spray, (usually Got To Be Glued) to secure my hair down and comb it again.  I give it a very light spray …

Got To Be Glued is a super hold spray but with a light hand works as a light spray.  Just hold it far from your head.  About 12″ or so.  YES … my hair now has hairspray running all through it but even Got To Be Glued brushes out well.  At this point, I gather all my hair into a low ponytail and secure it with a small twist tie.  I divide that ponytail into two pieces and then use small clips to secure those two little ponytails up onto the back of my head.

Unboxing and Hair Prep.  At this point I usually will snap a picture of the box as it lays inside the wig box so that I remember how to “repackage” it either for safekeeping or to return it.  Hopefully, I won't have to return it, but at this point, its just too soon to tell.  After I take my snapshot I send a command to my printer to print that picture.  I take that picture and place it inside the box so I always know how the packaging looked when it came to me.

The wig box is delivered to you.  You excitedly lift off the cover, and hopefully, at this point, you (hopefully and almost in a holy hush) quietly exclaim “oooooooooooohhhhhhh” … or you sigh and realize that the color is not what you had hoped. Okay now FINALLY you gently lift off the hairnet as if touching one of the valuable treasures in the world.  At this point, though I want to hasten to add that “if” you are not thrilled with the color, all is not lost*.  More about that below.  You begin to inspect it, especially the 100% Hand-Tied Lace front which you paid a premium for.  Is it well done?  That's another topic for another blog post.

Raquel Welch UPSTAGE 100% Hand Tied Lace Front RL119 Post Angela Showing Four Fingers Between Eyebrows For where to place a wigSee Time Stamp @2:25 in the video above about the AMAL Wig.

HOW TO PUT YOUR NEW WIG ON find the label, find the ear tabs.  “four fingers technique” – It has been recommended by those who have lots and lots more experience than I do that if you want to locate the ideal spot where the wig should sit on your hairline do this:

Look into the mirror and place your “pinky finger (either hand) right between your eyebrows.  Then “stack your fingers one on top of another (see picture insert).  Use your four fingers, stacked.  Where your index finger hits if where your natural hairline is.  Most people let the wig sit too low on the forehead and this causes a very unnatural look and screams “WiG”!

  • Remember (above) I wrote that if” you are not thrilled with the color, all is not lost.  You can be wrong about that.  The wig in the video below had some blonde in it.   For that reason, I almost didn't buy it, but I saw it on another wig reviewer and as she explained how much WHITE was in the wig, I thought I would take a chance and I ordered it.  Honestly, Amaretto by Belle Tress in the color Shakerato is now one of my favs.  I not only love the color, but I also love the style as well.
  • Another shocker is that I normally don't like curly or wavy wigs so again, I almost passed on Amaretto, but I'm so glad I purchased it.  I reach for that wig often.  So … BE SURE TO TRY IT ON, ask others what they think, and live with it for a few hours.  Don't take off tags though in case you want to return it.  Don't comb it …. That may void your return.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

UPDATED: Thursday, May 19, 2022, @ 11:45 am pm EST
Still Available at Vogue Wigs.  They DO NOT have a large size.  I called today to confirm that.
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