UPDATE: 1/1/20 – I am 95% healed. I am back to business.  I still sing.  I’m still happily married.  I have learned so much.  In all the dark days God never ceased to sustain me.

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PNE ~ The Beginning of the day my life stopped and onward.

I woke on October 11, 2012, two days before my birthday to a picture-perfect autumn day.   A day full of the promise of apple picking, walking outside in the crisp fall air and all the usual things we all enjoy at that wonderful time of year.  Just a few days earlier we had been on a beautiful pre-birthday cruise.  Life was good!  BUT by the early evening hours of that same glorious day, I was in a very bad way.  I had pain so severe it felt as if I was being continuously assaulted (in a very private part of my body) by an exquisitely thin-bladed knife.  The stabbing, slicing, needle-like attack lasted for hours, then days, then weeks, then months of tortuous non-stop pain.

It took about 1.5 years to finally know what was wrong, and during those months I was bedridden, closed my beautiful new real estate office and almost lost my business entirely.  We spent many thousands of dollars of our own money as our insurance did not cover the type of specialists we needed.  I truly wondered if I would ever be the “same” again.

So, what was it?  It is something called “PNE” Pudendal Nerve Entrapment, it is rare, and it set up residence in my body in an excruciating and powerful way. 

The condition is very difficult to diagnose and like many chronic conditions, it is a diagnosis of “exclusion”, which means lots of doctors, los of money (most things NOT covered by insurance), and you will initially feel that you are in a very dark place.

I promise you though that there IS light at the end of the tunnel. 



or obvious reasons, most of my writing regarding PNE is password-protected, but if you want to read all my entries, and if I’ve been communicating with you either online, in person or through email, I will happily share the password with you.  Simply Fill out the contact form under the HOME tab above.

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