No woman can call herself free who has not ownership and control over her own body – Margaret Sanger – circa 1920s

Do you believe this?  Don’t answer too quickly.  Please read the article below, give it some serious thought and then decide, because the title of this blog post is none other than Margaret Sanger (the foundress of Planned Parenthood) and it is her quote from many years ago:  Here (below in red) is Sanger’s quote …

SANGERS ORIGINAL QUOTE: “No Woman can call herself free who has not ownership and control over her own body”  Margaret Sanger – Circa 1920s.

Do You Ever Wonder What Shaped The Belief System You Hold?  Maybe you don’t!  Perhaps you just go blithely along in life and move in the direction, or away from the direction you were raised in by your parents.  Perhaps you never give thought to why you hold to certain values.  Or perhaps your mind has been altered somehow by the “critical thinkers” of this world.

>  WHY do we hold so strongly to the beliefs that were either shaped in us as children or reshaped as young adults?
>  Why do we decide to live out our lives and stand firm, no matter what the persecution for the convictions we hold dear?
>  Why is one person a staunch conservative and another seemingly the opposite?
>  Why is one God-fearing and yet another an atheist?

I recently watched a BBC series entitled “Lilies.” (available on Netflix)

Have you ever stopped to consider why you believe what you believe? (Excerpted from the web) About The BBC Movie Lilies:   “Lilies” details the lives of Iris, May and Ruby Moss, three Catholic sisters living with their widowed father and brother in a terraced house in Liverpool in the early 1920s. The story is set in the years immediately after the First World War and, as such, the after-effects of that conflict are apparent.

The story depicts a life lived on a knife-edge of poverty, tempered by various kinds of love.  All three girls must make their own way in the world. In the course of the series, each sister tastes passion for the first time, and their lives, newly launched, are changed forever.  Though they were poor, they were not “common” for as their Father would rightly remind them, “Common is not where a person lives, Common is what a person does”.

In the scene below, (from around the: 40 sec to the 2:00 mark) we see the impressionable and very young Ruby who desperately wants to be accepted by “her perceived betters”.  She is befriended by a feminist and liberal activist of the day.   In Ruby’s effort to improve her station in life however, she falls prey to one of Satan’s oldest tricks, deception.  Further, Satan is not even subtle, but Ruby is so innocent and moldable that she, unfortunately, succumbs to his ancient schemes and charms.   Eventually, the strong-willed and independent Ruby realizes her grave error in judgment but not without some drama, heartache and the consequences that always follow a departure from the never-changing laws of God.


In watching The “Release Episode” (embedded above) I encountered one of those rare “light-bulb” moments.  It truly dawned on me how I myself ended up on some very wrong roads in my own young life.  The people I looked up to, T.V. shows I watched, songs I thought were cool, all helped to dismantle a foundation my parents had attempted to build into my life.  Unbeknownst to me, my insecure and impressionable mind and spirit began to be reshaped to fit the mold of the world around me, for, I was so much like Ruby.  In watching that scene I embedded in this post, I was reminded afresh to how as a late teen I began to be embarrassed by my poor family, become unhappy with my station in life and turn away from my family and the value systems my parents held dear.  I had big dreams and I so wanted to be something I was not, live somewhere exciting and do great things.  That discontent led me down two decades of sorrow including a failed marriage and ironically enough, the inability to bear children.

In the clip above we hear this Margaret Sanger quote: “No woman can call herself free who has not ownership and control over her own body”.  – Margaret Sanger – circa 1920s so we see that the liberal activist people in the 1920s seemed to fall under the same persuasion as we see befalls Ruby in “Lillies”.

I wonder if something like what happened to Ruby (and me) could have happened with Margaret Sanger.  Her situation growing up could not have been all that different from Ruby’s or even mine?  Who was it, I wonder, that she thought “was better, smarter, prettier, better dressed, better mannered, better groomed, better fed and better educated” than herself.  In short, what or who was the reason or impetus that opened the door to the re-education and/or series of events that began to reshape Margaret Sanger and lead her away from core foundational beliefs held by her family.  Is it possible that Margaret, like Ruby, was influenced at a very tender age, and unfortunately was led astray?   She perhaps started out well, really wanted to help suffering women, but it appears her mind and spirit were given over to godless pursuits.   I wonder what she saw that made her so bitter toward God.  I also wonder how in those days she could afford College.  She must have had some kind of a benefactor.  I just wonder.

But there is another figure in this movie who bears exploring.  Namely one, Marie Spokes.  … In the clip above, immediately after the Sanger quote was shared, the speaker makes reference to Dr. Marie Spokes and her “New Gospel” is mentioned.   This new gospel she refers to is the proclamation of marital bliss without automatic parenthood.  In other words, why have children?  Or put another way, immunity from childbirth.

While I had heard of Margaret Sanger I had never heard of Marie Spokes and thought perhaps the author of Lilies had made up this character, but my research proves otherwise.

  1. More about Marie Spokes
  2. Marie Spokes – Reproductive Health and Abortion clinic… and so you might say “so what”?  So what?  What is the point of bringing this up now?   Well, I believe we can learn a couple of things from this.[/su_heading]

1.  We are reminded again that … one person can affect the lives of millions.  We see that in Margaret Sanger and Marie Spokes, both pioneers of contraceptive advancement planned parenthood and abortion.  I read in Ms. Sanger’s Bio that she was raised Roman Catholic, one of 11 children in an Irish household.  Therefore, I’m confident Margaret saw her share of misery and certainly watched her own mother and no doubt other female family members bear children over and over and over until they were almost dead.  It is unfortunate that Margaret could only see the weariness of life and the work of children .. but sadly what she missed was the Love and Joy those children gave back and mothers watching with pride as their children grew.

2.  Understand that someone whom you respect or think is better than you can hold great sway in your life.   We never have to fear the ideas of any man as long as we have the Bible as our guidebook, for in it, The Lord himself promises to grant us wisdom and to love, protect and preserve us.  So, understand not only what you believe, but WHY you believe it.

Understand how the “modernists” of your day have been affected by the modernists of their day, and the modernists who went before them.  Understand where liberal-minded people get their ideas from.  Dig deep into the thinking that shaped them and see if they perhaps were once innocents who were led like sheep to the slaughter of the day.

Be sure your thoughts and beliefs are YOUR thoughts based on sound thinking and that you are not merely blinding following the populists and/or modernists of the day.  BE SURE you do not betray your own self in an effort to be devoted to anything that falls short of the glory of God.  In short, be certain you are not being used for someone else gain.

For my part, while watching this movie I was reminded of a sad day in my own past when my dear departed Father learned that I had planned to use birth control after my marriage.   That was back in the early 70s and he was very very upset.  We had a very spirited conversation.  A nice way of saying we had a big fight with voices raised.  He may have even slapped me, I can’t remember.  But now I understand why I broke his heart. For in breaking his heart I broke my own.  In breaking God’s commands I broke my body and my life. Sadder still was the fact that eventually, I learned I was unable to conceive.

Every once in awhile, a movie, or for me a song comes along that causes me to reexamine my life.  Episode 6 of Lillies was that for me.  I think that Margaret Sanger and others like her may perhaps think it is a mere “man” or “men” who are making up the rules as they go and trying to Lord it over the women for their own selfish desires.  Surely there ARE men who fit that description, but mostly, I believe, what these types of people miss is that God in his sovereignty has set certain natural laws in place to lead and guide us.  He is not some cosmic killjoy trying to spoil all our fun and joy.  But God (not men) knows best.  It is God whom we follow, not men.

Happily, I came back to “The Faith of My Fathers” and God in his mercy restored my emotions and I enjoy a relationship with him.  I know that everything I’ve ever done against God is forgiven, but oh how I wish I could go back sometimes and do it all over.

Oh How I wish I could help fashion young minds so that their critical thinking is directed TOWARD the things of Christ rather than away.
And I must hasten to say that before you say “oh but you’ve been brainwashed” … you would probably be right.  My mind has been “washed” … it has been washed and saturated through with the Word of God, His “Words of Life” from The Holy Bible. For you see, as a child I WAS brought up in The Catholic Church.  I was, however, not a practicing Catholic.  I rarely went to church, save Christmas and Easter and I certainly didn’t live like a Christian.  God in His mercy and grace reached out for me at a point in my life when he knew I was ready.  I want to stress that I was not looking for God.  But God was looking for me!  Pretty soon after I began reading The Bible for myself, I came to know that the words truly were inspired and my mind and my life began to change.  It truly was like I was born again all over again.

I can not prove any of what God promises is true, but I know in my heart that JESUS is Lord because God has revealed it to me by His Holy Spirit.  That’s another subject for another day. But I can promise you that if you won’t at the very least open your heart and simply ask God if His word is true if you won’t humble yourself to listen, receive and act on His word then you WILL be taken in by the confused people, the liars, the deceivers and the godlessness of this world.  And it WILL ruin you.  Oh, you may look like you have everything, but inside you will be like dead men’s bones.  You will have no joy and no light, and when you die you will know that what you believed was a lie perpetuated by the same types of people who attempted to persuade Ruby to their way of life and thinking.

While I am thankful for the advancements in medicine for women and mankind over these last two centuries, and while I can understand that many women are taken advantage of by men I can not and will never abide the large scale abortion of babies or any abortion of babies we see in the world today.  I now understand its genesis which I believe goes all the way back to The Garden of Eden and it is continuously perpetuated by confused and deceived people who have believed Satan’s lies.

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”

I would like to rephrase Sanger’s misguided quote (in red above) “No woman can call herself free who has not bowed her heart and life to the ownership and control of Jesus Christ over her body”. 1 Corinthians 6:19,20.

Therefore, the Christian is called to “honor God with her body.  NONE of us do this perfectly, but nonetheless, it is a directive from God. When we fall God promises that when we repent, he will forgive, restore and revive.  He does not count our sins against us.  That is the good news of The gospel.  But “Heaven help the one outside of Christ” who thinks she can kill the unborn child LIVING in her womb, taking nourishment from the mother.  That unborn child has as many rights as the mother who carries her, but that is the subject for another post.

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Wikipedia was the source for the excerpt on the outline of the story of Lilies

Lilies can also be seen on YouTube in segments HERE

WARNING – There is one scene where May in unfortunately drugged and almost raped.  There is brief frontal nudity but you have plenty of notice.  There are a couple of scenes where the male backside is exposed. (running into a lake).  There is one rather unsettling scene of homosexuality between two men (kissing only) but again you can see it coming and fast forward.  Too bad about those scenes because other than that it was a good historical account of life in Liverpool in the early 1920s.