My top ten tips for looking your best

Susan from Fifty Not Frumpy asked me to share best tips and ideas for looking good.  

#1. DON’T GET FAT!   We all have our “seasons” but stay on top of your weight. Weight is a “creeper”. 1 pound turns into 2, then 5, then 10. Imagine if we gain 5 lbs every year … that’s 50 lbs
 in 10 years. I know it happened to me. If you’re overweight begin to make changes to lose the weight. It’s so liberating. And the bonus is you WILL look younger immediately.

#2. BE CAREFUL ABOUT SUN EXPOSURE. It’s the best skin care there is. If you must be in the sun, please wear wide brimmed hat, sunscreen and no more than 15 minutes. 

#3. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN: Mary Kay Ash said you can always buy a wig, new teeth, but you only have one skin. Take care of your skin. If you can’t afford fancy creams, use a GENTLE cleanser on your face and throat area. Dove has a good one, and SebaMed Liquid Face and Body Wash (google it) …. 

SebaMed is great stuff. Just a squirt the size of a dime will do your whole face and throat area. The product lasts a long long time. Go here:… (available at BedBathBeyond and RiteAid. They have a store locater.  

BUT … do spend some money instead on a really GREAT quality Moisturizer. I use Dr.Denese skin care products. Aging skin needs special attention that skin under 40 does not. I use her HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum and then on top of that I use her HydroShield Hydrating Dream Cream. I At bedtime after cleansing I use both the serum and Dr. Denese Med MD 33 Clinical Reserve Creme. You can find all her products at and most of her products come with a video to educate you on their benefits. Also I wait for her specials on QVC and never pay retail. I buy her products about once a year and budget for them. As it happens, she will be on QVC THIS WEEK on October 9. Check your local listings. QVC Link for Dr. Denese:… Just get the best product you can afford.  The Sultan’s daughter of The House of Saud said she can afford ANYTHING but used Nivea.  Go figure.  Some people even just swear by Coconut Oil.  Personally I believe if you can afford some Retinol it’s good to use it.

#4. YOUR CLOTHING: This is a blog post in itself. But LEARN what looks good on your body. Don’t try to “look young” … but do try to look fashion forward, age appropriate BUT not frumpy. That’s why I love Fifty not Frumpy. I have a fabulous dear friend Marilyn who taught me that years ago.

#5. YOUR HAIRCUT: Whether it’s long or short, don’t let it get sloppy. Make an appointment at least once a month to keep the “edge” on your hair, especially if it’s long. When you wear your hair long it can quickly age you if the “edges” of the hair are not clipped often. Think of how men look when they start to get scraggly looking. You “may” be able to go six (6) weeks. I can’t. My hair grows super fast and even at 3 weeks I’m already feeling like I’m due.

#6. SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP … get as much as you can. You can google why we need sleep and you can read for hours.

#7. DIET and Exercise. There are volumes written on this. Read Susan Street’s story about how she lost 40lbs. Inspirational!  Get the best food (preferably ORGANICALLY grown) you can afford and take some form of exercise every single day.  Remember lots of things count for exercise.  Housework, gardening, painting, etc.  It’s not just the gym or walking.  But walking is great plus you get outdoors.

#8. SPIRIT – Feed your spirit. Take time to get alone with the creator of the Universe. For me, that is the person of Jesus. God rested on the 7th day, why shouldn’t we? Nuf said!

#9. TAKE TIME FOR YOU! At least once a week take AT LEAST one half of a day to do something you love, just for you. It really feeds your soul.

#10. MAKE TIME FOR FAMILY and FRIENDS: Connecting to others is a lifeline in itself.  

What helped me ALOT was to allow my hairdresser to do lowlights rather than highlights.

That’s it for now everyone. You REALLY can look wonderful with grey hair. Who knew? So glad I did it. Hang in there. Be patient. Don’t listen to the naysayers. You have lots and lots and lots and lots of company.

Would you like to share your top tips for looking great?  You can add your comments below.

All the best for al the rest,