My Life

A few years back I was sitting in a church service and a young man was sharing an inspirational message.  At one point in his talk he shared that in case he was wrong, “someone with grey hair” would correct him.  Well, I am one of those people with grey hair … I wasn’t offended at all but rather impressed that this young man had already learned a valuable lesson.  No. One. Knows. It. All.  But then it occurred to me that based on my life experiences, “I” might have some things of value to share, and this site was created.
I have thought long and hard about the purpose of this site.  Due to unexpected hair loss, this site was simply going to be about my personal reviews of Silver, Grey and White Wigs.  As time goes by, however, I’ve decided to combine wig and hairpiece reviews with inspirational content.  I hope this will be a valuable resource for you, both for beauty on the outside AND developing the most priceless beauty of all, which is “inner beauty”.

I’m walking through this life with my wonderful, fabulous, loving, brilliant,
God-honoring handsome husband a/k/a Papi to our grandchildren.

I am a Wife, Grandmother, Singer (nickname | LaLa,
Writer, and love Public Speaking.

I’m also a “Step-Mommee” to three wonderful (now grown)
children and three beloved grandchildren.

I’m happiest when I’m singing and my favorite genres are gospel
and the beautiful love songs of the thirties, forties and
The Great American Songbook (Standards).

You can find my CD  “Stay With Me” here.

Piano Accompaniment
by Gordon Mote
Strings By:
The Nashville String Machine

Anywhere is a fresh remake of an Academy Award-nominated love song

The montage (above) was created as a gift
to my wonderful husband

The Morning Glory Flower © was created for me
many years ago by a talented artist and is my
“Branding” across the web and life.

All My Best
For All The Rest, Angela