My Honey ~ Valentines Day 2010

Back in 2010 I spent one month of my life with my dear mother (dealing with health issues) who lived about two hours away from us.  I keep this letter as a memory of that special time.

Dear Honey:  How I wish I could be there in person with you all.  Thank God for the times we have had together in our collective and singular lives.  If this past month has taught me anything, it’s how fleeting time is …

Honey, YOU are a giver.  Everyone in our circle of friends can testify to that, but most of all, me.  This is our 20th Valentines’ Day “together”.  Though we are apart, how lovely it is that we are more “together” than ever.    I could not be “all here” with Mommy if it were not for you.

God has been merciful to us all.  But sweetheart…I can see God’s hand of mercy as I look at the blessing of having YOU in my life.  You are steadfast and true, a man of integrity, wise (very very smart).  You are my hero and have been my hero many many times these last few days and years. 

I love you more than words can say … so I will say it some more with a beautiful song that I heard last night.

I dedicate this to you  … I’ll be seeing you  . . . Soon . . . All my love, All my life . . . Preciosa