My favorite and not so favorite things

Favorite thingsMy husband … and sweet unity
Visits & time well spent with people I love
Long walks and talks with a close friend
Singing … praise songs to God and songs with a beautiful melody
Harp Music, Bells and chimes, The concertina
The Tambourine
Classical music
The Standards (American Song Book)
Lace curtains softly billowing from the wind
Searching for the seed pods God put in his flowers or veges
English cottages surrounded by lush perennial gardens
The first leaves on the trees in Spring all curled up in cute little balls … then when they open I love their baby green color.
Morning glories or moonflowers growing up a pole
Autumn Leaves and the song Autumn Leaves
A walk outside after a fresh snow, especially when there are huge Big Snowflakes that stick to my tongue
Snow that sparkles like diamonds after a fresh snowfall
Fireplaces glowing on a frosty night
Tom Kinkaid Paintings (captures all of the above seasons beautifully)
Roses … especially the Peace Rose.
Watching as God transforms a tiny seed that I planted into a plant that grows into something awesome and beautiful.
“TEA” in the afternoon (especially with someone I love)
The smell of freshly baked bread
“Big Water” (as my husband likes to say) …
I love to sit in a comfortable chair on a warm day, gazing out at an ocean, or lake, or any area that has water as far as the eye can see
My computer, without which I don’t know I survived
Swarovski Crystal Jewelry
Pens that write purple
“Stamping” … although I never have time for it
Books…Books…Books!!!! Biographies are my favorites
Aeolian Harp
My computer, without which I don’t know I survived
Tom Kinkaid Paintings
Pens that write purple
Brooklyn Tab Song ~ Favorite Song of All
Sound of Music Song ~ My Favorite Things
Oprah Winfreys’s Favorite Things show.  We’ll all miss that won’t we?