Inner Beauty

SomeOne With Grey Hair ~ A Crown of GloryI think it’s nice when people take care of their health and their appearance.  But I wonder if society (and us women) have been going overboard with so much attention, time, and money being spent on the outer self while neglecting what in the long run is the most important thing.  The “INNER SELF”.  

So, may I ask a question?

What good is outward beauty without “inner beauty”?  So again I ask (and I’m asking myself too) “Is it time for an inner facelift?”  Are you drifting away from the things that are more important than the outer self?  A deeper question: Are you drifting away from God?

A pastor I know well has a wonderful site called “Walking With Jesus 365” and he offers an in-depth study on the topic of drifting.

There is so much pressure on women today, both young and old to look a certain way, carry the right bag, trendy shoes, that little black dress, use the right slang, snap the perfectly poised photo, go to the right school, land the best job, snag the hot and/or connected guy, (or keep the one you’ve got), etc., etc. The pressure (albeit silent) to look and act a certain way can sometimes overshadow our desire or even awareness that our inner beauty is being neglected. There are countless sites (and videos) on how to be beautiful (or at least improve) on ones’ appearance, and I’m am totally on board with being the “best or at least improved version of myself”.

A few years back I decided to let my hair go grey.  I felt my hair would be healthier.  The result was that I was correct.  By not applying all the dyes and chemicals on my hair (scalp) it grew more full lustrous than ever.  I loved my hair more than ever in my life, and or the first time in my life, absolute strangers would stop me on the street, or talk with me wherever I went and tell me they LOVED my hair.  Even very young people.  I certainly felt I had made the right decision.

Then some serious health issues entered my life, and so, for medical reasons, I began losing my hair.  While it was challenging to accept that this was happening to me, I came to understand that it wasn’t the end of being able to look attractive.  My professional and personal life places me “upfront and center” quite often so naturally (okay I admit it) I want to look as well-groomed and pleasing to look at as possible.  We women (and men too) ALL care about our hair, which is often referred to as “our crown of glory”.  Some of us are more glorious than others, but I truly felt challenged by my hair loss.

Little by little my hair seems to be returning to normal, but in my search for knowledge about the totally foreign world of fake hair, I spent countless hours educating myself.  It’s a steep learning curve. 

Many women have gone down the road before me and I quickly realized that “thanks to the internet”, there is a wealth of information for women, like me who are beginning to or have totally lost their hair.  It’s one thing for a man to lose his hair, but for us women, it is especially difficult.  It is even more difficult when ones’ career and/or personal interests include standing on a stage.  I was relieved that my hair loss didn’t mean that I would have to walk around bald or with big patches of my scalp showing. 

However, the learning curve was huge. There is a lot to know about the world of “alternative hair” also known as wigs, hairpieces, extensions, etc

I wish I could get the hours back that I spent in the “alternative hair product knowledge school, but I thought perhaps I could help “redeem the time I spent” by helping others in the same position and hopefully help them save time.  Hence; my YouTube Wig and HairPiece Reviews on YouTube. 

Wigs, or alternative hair, have come such a long since the days of our mothers and grandmothers.  I didn’t want to simply walk into a wig store and start trying on wigs.  I started watching youtube videos and watched everything that seemed to apply to my situation.  Because my hair is naturally silver, I was looking for silver, grey or white wigs. 

However, the more videos I watched the more I realized how little I knew.  As I continued my self-education I decided to begin a youtube channel to help other women like myself.  Without my knowing it, hundreds of women (and some men) began watching my reviews.  One day I opened up my YouTube Video analytics and was astonished to see that my channel was obviously filling a need.  So part of my website now houses some content to coordinate with my youtube channel.  is a resource to keep track of silver, grey and white wigs I was searching for.  

I hope my research and the trying on of some “alternative hair” helps you save some time and money.  AND … It’s not the end of the world to lose your hair. 

Subsequent to my SATURATION on YouTube I began to think about how we are constantly bombarded by social media incessantly instructing and tutoring us nonstop on how to be the “perfect woman” or the best, more improved version of ourselves?  I’m truly thankful for a lot of the content available to me for free.  I can learn about almost anything on virtually any topic.  I’m sure we can all agree that our image-conscious culture can get out of hand.  We run the risk of allowing our outward selves to dictate to our inner woman.  That is to say the very “soul and character” of who you are. I wonder if many of us have our priorities out of order? Are we so concerned about our outer beauty (skin, hair, makeup, exercise. clothing) that we neglect the more important inner self? 

makeup brushes

There is certainly a place for attaining (and sharing) information about new methods and products that may help me look more beautiful and age more gracefully, and I love sharing some of that knowledge on this site.

Lately, I’m concerned that many of us may be choosing outward beauty as the ultimate goal and perhaps neglecting the inner beauty of the heart. So, instead of thinking so much about the wrinkles on our face or the less than perfect derriere (booty) how about shifting our focus somewhat and nurturing kindness, gentleness, and other lovely virtues.

I’m certainly not saying I have yet fully attained that inner beauty, but the desire of my heart is to strive toward that end.

No one needs to be reminded that “beauty fades.” The hard truth is that it will happen to us all, and the mirror reminds us in case we forget.  Let’s not chase after outward beauty at the expense of developing that inner beauty which will never fade away.  believe with proper mindfulness, we can achieve both.  We can still be beautiful and it will be a different type of beauty.  Someone once said “Beauty Changes.”   I like that.  But someone else has a reminder for us and it is this: Proverbs 31:30 – Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.  I love that !! 

Yep, it’s time for an inner facelift.