Help with Yellowing grey hair

Roux Fanci-Ful rinseAvailable at  Sally’s Beauty Supply

I belong to a group on FB called GGG Going Grey Guide.  From time to time, I find a things I like to share from that group.

One of the group members writes the following about Roux Fanci-Full:

Ohmygosh, am I so excited about Roux Fancy-Full rinse. I am 3 months in, and I have really disliked the way my new silver roots *clash* with the rest of my brassy blonde dyed hair. Well, a new hairstylist turned me on to Roux Fanci-Full in the color “Silver Linings.” She spritzed it on my blonde hair and it instantly toned it right down. Made the silver roots SO MUCH LESS noticeable! I was totally delighted! I also bought a bottle of the “True Steel” color, and that too, works miracles!   I totally recommend it. What a lifesaver! (And so inexpensive, too! Under $7 @ Sally Beauty.) The rest of this transition will be much easier for me now. I hope this helps someone else in this situation.

To get rid of yellow: You might also want to try White Minx available on Amazon but cheaper at Sally Beauty.

Shared from a closed book on FB Nov.14.15