Dark Night of the Soul

Excerpted from Amazon.com – Does God ALWAYS HEAL?  Is he obligated to do so if we ask? Catherine Marshall’s Book “Light in my darkest night” is the story of the intense despair and spiritual emptiness that threatened Catherine Marshall’s spiritual health.  Catherine’s crisis began after God did not heal her infant granddaughter. Sadly the baby’s illness tragically led to death. Catherine’s spiritual downward spiral and “dark night of the soul” ultimately led to her discovery and  peace through a new and greater appreciation of God’s love and will.

I read this book while going through a spiritual storm of my own.  Even though I was (and am) a committed Christian, loving and serving God, I could not understand why Jesus wasn’t healing me.  Like Catherine, I fell prey to an old tactic of the enemy.   At one point I even wondered if I had somehow offended God or if perhaps I wasn’t even saved.  However in the pages of Catherine’s book, I, at last, found the answer I was searching for so desperately.

Instead of continuing on with feeling that my faith wasn’t strong enough, I began to understand (like Job and Catherine) that I don’t have to “understand” why God allows certain things.  I ultimately came to realize that if I simply “claimed” God’s promises I would be presuming on God, and in effect “I” would be telling God what to do.  There are countless Bible teachers in our world teaching countless followers to “claim God’s promises” over their lives.  Has the Prosperity Gospel Overshadowed the Gospel of Christ?

Please don’t get me wrong, I believe God does want the best for his children, but is the best for me or you a life with no trials?  If you look back over your life can you not see how God used the trials and/or suffering of your life to draw you closer to him?  Why do we “presume” God wants us healed?  Could there perhaps be some higher purpose in keeping us where we are?  It has often been said God is more interested in our character than our comfort.  AND WE ALL WANT TO BE COMFORTABLE don’t we? As Catherine states in her book, God will always be God.  We will never fathom His ways.

So like Catherine, the light in “my” darkest hour came within the pages of her book.  She was a soul, who like many went through a very tough time in her life, and like so many of us, she will never know, until she sees Our Lord face to face what God’s purpose in it all was, but of course by then it won’t matter at all.

I am persuaded that yes, God loves us immeasurably, but that “no” we are not to “claim or command” God to do anything.  We are humbly to ask.  Sometimes he says yes, sometimes maybe, sometimes it is a gentle but resounding no.

Thank you Father God for using Catherine Marshall as light in my darkest hour.

Your daughter,
Angela C.

Who was Catherine Marshall?

Excerpted from Wikipedia:

Marshall wrote a biography of her husband, A Man Called Peter, published in 1951. It became a nationwide success and was adapted as a film of the same name, released in 1955. Her success encouraged her to keep writing.

Marshall wrote or edited more than 30 books, which have sold over 16 million copies.[citation needed] They include edited collections of Peter Marshall’s sermons and prayers, and her own inspirational writings. Her most successful books were A Man Called Peter (1951); and her novel, Christy (1967), which was inspired by the story of her mother’s time in the mountains teaching the impoverished children of Appalachia. Christy was adapted as a CBS television series, starring Kellie Martin, beginning in 1994.  She passed into eternity in 1968.

The chapter that answered so many questions for me is below.  I snapped the pages so you could read them.  Hit your “command key and the + sign” and the graphic will become larger.

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