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How To Survive A Tornado

MORNING MEDITATION: HOW TO SURVIVE A TORNADO:  What STORM are you facing today? You WILL have trouble! This morning I woke after having a very strange and frightening dream. THE DREAM:  It was a beautiful and clear afternoon. I was enjoying this lovely day when suddenly storm clouds gathered and all […]

A Beautiful Transformation

Have a look at this beuatiful lady who decided to let her inner beauty shine. So nice of her to share her transformation with the rest of the world. I LOVE LOVE love how she looks and how she used hair extensions to help with various looks. What do you […]

My Life

A few years back I was sitting in a church service and a young man was sharing an inspirational message.  At one point in his talk he shared that in case he was wrong, “someone with grey hair” would correct him.  Well, I am one of those people with grey […]