Grey White or Silver Hair Makes you look old!

Really?  That’s what most of us “used” to think.  One day I took some time to look around the web and look at some absolutely drop dead gorgeous women (and men) who let nature take its course.
Baby Boomers have once again made their mark!  Most of us are saying, “wait just a minute”. Why can’t I let my hair go grey?  Who says?  People like Cindy Joseph, Roxanne Gould, Jamie Lee Curtis and countless others have embraced the crown of glory that is theirs.
For years I covered my own silver and white up.  Like many I thought if I had the courage to grow it out it would age me.  Now I know the reverse is true.  It’s wonderful having my own “virgin” hair back again. It shines, it’s elastic and I’m no longer afraid when the wind blows.  This isn’t time to “cover YOU up” … it’s time to celebrate the new thing that is happening.  The amazing thing is that young people (not a few either) stop me on the street, compliment us and yes even are trying to make their own grey/silver or white hair.
So, let’s go!  Please join us in:

  • Expressing WISDOM

  • Expressing JOY

  • Expressing YOU and

  • Being SomeOne With Grey Hair